Kungsbacka,  9 aug  2005


  First of all I would like to thank you for showing your interest in my knives. Just to give you some
  background - my name is Bjarne Widheden and I am a part time knife maker. I live in a small town
  called Kungsbacka on the west coast of Sweden. I enjoy fishing and hunting, but I also spend a lot of time
  in the kitchen, cooking for my family and friends.

  My ambition is to create knives that have a strict design and a strong and durable construction. Most of
  my knives allow a flexible use but there are some which are designed to serve a special purpose, for
  example as kitchen cutlery.

  My production volume is humble - I make ten to twenty knives per year. Should you be interested in a
  purchase or if you would like some more information please send me an e-mail. All the knives I produce
  are presented in an e-mail newsletter and I will then add you to my address list.

  Thanks again for visiting, I hope it was worth the time spent!

   Bjarne Widheden